Patterson news conference excerpts

Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson

Feb. 6, 2008

FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU head football coach Gary Patterson met with the media Wednesday to discuss the Horned Frogs' 2008 recruiting class.

Included below are excerpts from the news conference.

Opening Statement ...
"Last year was a big defensive class, while this year's group has 10 of the 15 players being offensive signings. We've got some very good players who can possibly help us. Obviously, you always take a quarterback. We also went out and got a tailback. One of the things we wanted to emphasize was wide receiver, and we were able to sign two of them. We have another couple of guys who will visit after Signing Day.

"I am really excited about Ross Evans. He can kick it in the end zone and made 15-of-16 field goals inside 49 yards. He has kicked two 53-yarders. He was also All-Texas both his junior and senior years. He is phenomenal, and his kickoffs will make us a lot better on defense. I am real excited about getting him here and seeing what he can do. It can change your whole complexion on offense. He will be a weapon.

"I am excited about the class, and I feel real good about where we're at with things. We found some guys who fit into our system."

Looking ahead at some of the new Frogs ...
"I don't think there is a better athlete in the state of Texas than Greg Burks. He played wide receiver and could probably play tailback or linebacker for us. A lot of Big 12 schools offered him a scholarship. He is a guy who can do a lot of different things and has a lot of ability. We are going to always find a way to get the best players on the field.

"Bud Patterson is an unbelievable special teams player. We were looking for a big corner and he fits that at 6-foot-0, 180 pounds. He's that big boundary corner we have been missing since Quincy Butler, who is now with the Dallas Cowboys. Bud can also be a return guy. If he gets an interception, he can do things with the ball.

"With Zach Roth, we felt like we needed an older offensive lineman. He was a first-team Junior College All-American. James Fry probably has one of the best first steps for an offensive lineman. He is very smart and can call fronts. Blaize Foltz is a big offensive lineman who can move his feet. He and Fry can create some competition on our offensive line.

"Marques Parker is a wide receiver who can do a lot of things with the ball in his hands, while Sam Shutt has a lot of speed.

"Yogi Gallegos has a very big upside as far as a quarterback. He has a lot more athletic ability than what people give him credit for. He also has a tremendous arm, a great head on his shoulders and can beat you with his feet.

"The class isn't one of those top 25 or 30, but it's definitely a group that will help us be a better football team because each player fills a need."

On the number of out-of-state signees ...
"We would like to stay in the state of Texas. For us, it just depended on what we needed. As a general rule with JC players, we will go anywhere to find a guy who can push to start. They are all good players who are going to help us. Louisiana is a state you are going to see TCU with a lot stronger presence than we have had in the past."

Closing thoughts ...
"Beginning with tomorrow, we start getting ready for next year. Our new facilities as well as the new student center are going to be a big positive for our recruiting."



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