FALL CAMP Q&A: Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips

Aug. 14, 2007

As one of the veterans on the team, do you feel a responsibility to be a leader to the younger players?
"Definitely. When I came in, I had a bunch of older linebackers who helped me out a lot. Even when I played fullback, the guys on offense were there to teach me everything. It isn't just my responsibility, but it helps the program and keeps it going. It's something you want to do because it will contribute to us continuing to be successful. If something happened to me or one of our other veterans, those younger guys will have to come in and help us win."

When you see the Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility completed and work under way on the end zone project, what does that mean to you as a player?
"It makes you want to work hard so you can say you were a part of helping build it. We can come back one day and say this wasn't here before I came. But, because my class, Coach Patterson and all the coaches worked hard enough, we helped build it and now other people can enjoy it and see that TCU is a first-class program."

What's it like playing for Coach Patterson?
"It's a lot of fun playing for him. He pushes you as far as you can go, and you can't ask a coach for much more than that. He knows his stuff and will put you in the right spot to make plays. He makes you better."

The entire TCU linebacker corps returns in 2007. How much of a benefit is it to have that continuity?
"We are all real good friends. (David) Hawthorne, (Robert) Henson and I have played a lot of snaps together, and Darius (Ingram) has also been there. It really helps us communicate on the field and work well with each other. We're also fortunate to have young linebackers. Now that we have been around as long as we have, we can take what we know and pass it along to guys like Tank (Carder) and Luke (Shivers)."

What would you say to someone who is considering attending TCU and playing football?
"It's a lot of fun and you are going to receive a great education. You're also going to win a lot of games because the coaching staff is committed to you. It's just a great place to be."



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