Patterson Holds Weekly Presser

Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson

Sept. 25, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU football coach Gary Patterson held his weekly news conference Tuesday in the Four Sevens Team Room.

The 14th-ranked Horned Frogs, who have the nation's longest winning streak at 11 games, are at SMU Saturday in a 6 p.m. contest.

Included below are excerpts from Patterson's meeting with the media.

On the perception of his team's season so far ...
"It's interesting. If we were still in the Mountain West, the Virginia game would have been a big win for us, and we would have upset a Big 12 team. In 12 months, we win 27-7 and 20-6 and we have problems. We have to hold onto the ball. You can't turn the ball over in the red zone. In two games defensively, we have had four or five plays where half of their yards have come. You can't play that way. There are going to be better skill players starting this week.

"We have to get ready to play. The best part of this is that we haven't played our best football game as a group. We played a pretty good game against Grambling. We played fast and were the better football team. The positive is we are 3-0, and we beat an ACC team that beat Penn State. We have to go on from there. This week, we go on the road and play SMU."

On the play of his team's linebackers ...
"We don't make a whole lot about all of the awards. Last week, Kenny (Cain) made two interceptions and recovered a fumble. It was (Joel) Hasley the week before. They have to step up and make plays, and I don't think that will be any different down the road."

On the play of the 15 true freshmen seeing action this season ...
"It depends on the day and the play. Aviante (Collins) did well, but he also gave up a 3-yard loss on a play. He hasn't allowed a sack, though. Devonte (Fields) played really well in the first game. He is starting to catch up to the speed of the game, and he did better than the week before. With freshmen, it's an eye-opening experience for every one of those guys. Every day is a little bit different."

On the first month of the season ...
"This week, we want to find a way to win. I don't care if it's ugly. We have to be better by the end of this game than we were last week. We're going to have to be if we want to win. We are at SMU. They have had two weeks to prepare, so we have to be ready. We have to find a way against Iowa State and Baylor, who has two weeks to prepare, and then Texas Tech."

On maintaining emotional consistency ...
"Our kids didn't practice very well last week. Until Friday night's meeting, the defense had not turned the corner. They were beginning to get the game plan, and then they played hard. We had a lot of tests last week. The young players who were not used to that were staying up late and not prepared for the mental aspect. It is different for the 22-year-olds over the 18- or 19-year olds.

"I don't get too high or too low emotionally. The only way we get to 4-0 is by beating SMU. That is one of those things where you have to go do it, and you are not looking for revenge or anything like that. Good programs don't do those kinds of things. Good programs win."

On turnovers ...
"Some people would say you can't do that in the league you're in. You just have to keep it in perspective. Instead of worrying about what the other team will do, I am going to write a script for today's practice. You have to be more perfect as a coach with a younger team over an older team. I like this group, but there are days at practice when I think about it. This group likes to play the game. We made mistakes on Saturday, but we played hard. The team that is the most physical won't get hurt."

On TCU wide receiver Josh Boyce ...
"Josh is kind of like Casey (Pachall). He likes to play in the big games. Last week was as big of a game as I have ever been in. Kids don't look at it that way because they don't have house payments. Every seven days is pretty big to us."

On TCU defensive end Stansly Maponga ...
"The last two games they have been blocking down on him and bringing people in extra support. When people are doing that, it means the opposing team thinks he is really good, which he is. We have to do some things to help him get loose. We have to help him out."



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