Patterson Holds Weekly Presser

Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson

Oct. 2, 2012


FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU football coach Gary Patterson held his weekly news conference Tuesday in the Four Sevens Team Room.

The 13th-ranked Horned Frogs host Iowa State Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

Included below are excerpts from Patterson's meeting with the media.

Opening Statement ...
"We start home Big 12 play against Iowa State. They are a very good football team. I have known Coach (Paul) Rhoads a long time, since we were both coordinators. He is a man's man and a really good football coach and person. He does a great job. Defensively, they are very physical, and they don't give up many big plays. We saw it in the film against Texas Tech. They did not give up a lot of points and did a great job. Offensively, they move around and do some things like us. They run read option, play action, throw the ball in the air and they run screens and different things. We have to be ready to play. They are also very good in the kicking game. They have been to bowl games two of the last three years. If you are going to beat them, you have to take it from them."

On Iowa State ...
"They have good players. Both of their linebackers were named preseason All-Big 12. They have a couple of good wide receivers and are big upfront on both sides of the ball. They play well in the secondary. They are very talented and a good Big 12 football team."

On his evaluation of last week's game ...
"We have a young team. If you would have told me everything that has gone on and we would still be 4-0, I would take it. We found a way. Now we have to find a way to get to 5-0. We have to go play our best football games from here on out. We are due to have a great game on both sides of the ball. We have not had a game, except Grambling State when our starters only played a half, where we did that. We did not play on film like we have been teaching. We were very excited about the takeaways and how we played during the goal-line stand. We had a big kick return and a big punt return that set up a score. We did not allow them to do much special-teams wise, other than what we did to ourselves."

On his team's running backs ...
"We want everyone to be healthy and able to play. Great players make great plays, good players make good plays and bad players make bad plays. We started out with three NFL running backs and now we are down to one. The answer changes then. That can't be an excuse. The key to it is managing with what you have. It is about being able to score points with what you have. For us, that is what we have to do. Last season, it was defense. We started out giving up 50 points a game, but were able to find a way to get to 11-2. This year, that is what we have to do offensively. You can't change what you can't control. We have to go out, get the next guy ready and see what he can do."

On his offensive philosophy ...
"We had to change last week because we could not run any of our speed option plays with the wet ball, and we struggled to get to the edge. We were stuck with them putting everyone inside the box and with a power running game. We had to find a way to move the ball, run the clock and win. We were also playing two guys who had not played a lot in B.J. (Catalon) and Aundre Dean. This week, we have to get better."

On his safeties ...
"They are more talented. We have given up two touchdown passes in four games, and we have nine interceptions. I thought moving (Chris) Hackett to starting safety was good because he made more plays. We need to keep being more physical."

On the cornerback position ...
"We played left and right corners last week instead of field and boundary. I thought that was better for them because you were not always the guy on the boundary in man coverage. We also did it because it matched up with SMU's receivers. They do not flip-flop their outside receivers. We thought Jason (Verrett) would match up better with one and Kevin (White) better with the other. We have not done that in a long time. You have to think more outside the box. You don't just do status quo."



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