Frogs Snag the Jags 5-2

Alex Menichini lead the Frogs to a win over South Alabama on Monday.

Alex Menichini lead the Frogs to a win over South Alabama on Monday.

Feb. 17, 2003

FORT WORTH, Texas - It was a tennis dual match filled with frustration, tension and some yelling, but when it was over the Frogs had defeated the South Alabama Jaguars 5-2.

The Frogs climbed out of the doubles rut winning all three doubles matches against the Jags. The Frogs had not won a doubles point since defeating Saint Louis on January 24.

The Frogs became frustrated during singles after some missed shots and some disputed calls on courts one and three. On court four, USA's Aurelio Di Zazzo shouted at TCU's Jacopo Tezza regarding an out of bounds call, which was ruled in Tezza's favor.

During the No. 2 match, TCU's Toni Gordon shouted at a USA player that had already finished his match and was sitting in the stands heckling Gordon.

Tezza's singles match was the first to finish followed by Fabrizio Sestini's match and Daniel Scholten's match.

After winning the doubles point and matches on courts three and four, and losing the match on court five, only one more win would secure the win for the Frogs.

The deciding match was between TCU's Gordon and USA's Heinrich Heyl, which Gordon won in three long sets 6-4, 3-6, 6-4.

Alex Menichini cleaned up for the Frogs winning the final match 6-7; 6-4; 6-2.

The Frogs are gearing up for a trip to the ITA National Team Indoor Feb. 20-23. They return home for the C-USA Shootout Feb. 28-March 2.

TCU 5, South Alabama 2

Doubles: #1 Fabrizio Sestini/Toni Gordon (TCU) def. Heinrich Heyl/David Nylen 8-6 #2 Daniel Scholten/Alex Menichini (TCU) def. Clinton Jacobs/Jorgen Vestli 8-4 #3 Rafael Abreu/Jacob Martin (TCU) def. Aurelio Di Zazzo/Evan Fowler 8-5

Singles: #1 Menichini (TCU) def. Jacobs (USA) 6-7; 6-4; 6-2 #2 Gordon (TCU) def. Heyl (USA) 6-4; 3-6; 6-4 #3 Sestini (TCU) def. Nylen (USA) 6-4; 6-2 #4 Jacopo Tezza (TCU) def. Di Zazzo (USA) 6-0; 6-3 #5 Vestli (USA) def. Scholten (TCU) 6-0; 6-3 #6 Fowler (USA) def. Abreu (TCU) 6-0; 3-6; 6-4



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