#37 Frogs Clip the #30 Cardinals 4-1 in Finals

Freshman Jacopo Tezza (Verona, Italy) is 9-1 on the season after a pain of wins at the C-USA Shootout

Freshman Jacopo Tezza (Verona, Italy) is 9-1 on the season after a pain of wins at the C-USA Shootout

March 2, 2003

FORT WORTH, Texas - TCU's 37th ranked men's tennis team defeated the 30th ranked Louisville Cardinals 4-1 Sunday, in the finals of the C-USA Shootout. The Frogs won the doubles point taking an early lead over UL.

The Frogs struggled in the singles matches with all but one going in to three sets. Two of the singles matches did not finish.

TCU senior Toni Gordon, playing on court two, easily wiped out Louisville's Paulo Carvalho in straight sets 6-0; 6-4.

The two freshmen Frogs, Rafael Abreu and Jacopo Tezza, both took their matches into three sets, eventually winning both. Abreu is now 10-3 on the season, and Tezza is now 9-1 overall and has lost only four sets out of 22 all season.

Head Coach Joey Riv? said of the win, "I was real pleased with our win today, the guys and Cory [Hubbard] (Assistant Coach) have been doing a great job." Continuing Riv? said, "They [the Frogs] are very competitive and maintained their poise today, they fought against a good team and I am just real pleased."

The Frogs are now 7-3 overall and 3-0 in C-USA action. They will travel to SMU on Wednesday, March 5 at 1:30 p.m. The SMU match was originally scheduled for Feb. 26, but postponed due to inclement weather.

Complete Results:

#37 TCU def. #30 Louisville 4-1

DOUBLES: #1 Fabrizio Sestini/Toni Gordon (TCU) vs. Cody Conley/Octavian Nicodim (UL) 6-7 DNF #2 Alex Menichini/Daniel Scholten (TCU) def. Matt Mayer/Harry Walsh (UL) 8-6 #3 Rafael Abreu/Jacob Martin (TCU) def. Paulo Caravalho/Sebastian Aspillaga (UL) 8-4

SINGLES: #1 Conley (UL) def. Menichini (TCU) 6-3; 6-1 #2 Gordon (TCU) def. Carvalho (UL) 6-0; 6-4 #3 Sestini vs. Nicodim 6-3; 6-6 (6-1 Tiebreaker) DNF #4 Jacopo Tezza (TCU) def. Mayer (UL) 6-4; 4-6; 6-2 #5 Martin (TCU) vs. Jhonny Berrido (UL) 6-1; 5-7 DNF #6 Abreu (TCU) def. Walsh (UL) 6-1; 4-6; 7-5



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