Frogs honored with degrees during Fall Commencement Ceremony

Radu Barbu

Radu Barbu

Dec. 21, 2007

TCU student-athletes are used to performing in the limelight and playing on a big stage as part of the Mountain West Conference.

However - 37 members of the TCU Athletics family had the opportunity to be in a different light as well as walk across a different stage when they received their degrees as part of TCU's Fall Commencement Ceremony at the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum on Saturday (Dec. 15).

"We are very proud of our newly-anointed graduates. The amount of work and discipline that goes into being a student-athlete and earning a university diploma is enormous. I wish each and every one of them the best of luck as they embark on their chosen careers," said Chris Uchacz, Director of Academic Services.

List of December Graduates


  • Donald Furrow
  • Will Lewis, Jr.
  • Chase Perry


  • Brian Bonner
  • Trey Englert
  • Charles Jones
  • George Layne
  • Adam Lowery
  • Derek Moore
  • Jamison Newby
  • Chase Ortiz
  • Ryan Schlenger

    Men's Basketball

  • Chudi Chinweze
  • Kevin Langford



    Men's Swimming and Diving

  • Aran Bean
  • Ronald Forrest
  • Guillermo Ramirez

    Men's Tennis

  • Radu Barbu

    Men's Track and Field

  • Delwayne Delaney
  • Jonathan Jackson
  • Eliud Njubi

    Women's Equestrian

  • Elizabeth Sewell

    Women's Golf

  • Stacey Bieber
  • Catherine Matranga

    Women's Rifle

  • Caitlin Mencio
  • Rebecca Upjohn

    Women's Soccer

  • Breanne Kaldheim
  • Kim Thompson

    Women's Swimming and Diving

  • Christina Bigley
  • Melinda Cernoch
  • Rikki Covey
  • Erica Tate

    Women's Tennis

  • Karine Ionesco

    Women's Track and Field

  • Marquita Davis
  • Jamee Jones


  • Christopher Benavente

    Athletic Training

  • Charity McCright
  • Gregory Rose

    TCU Athletic Media Relations

    • Cook Children's Albertsons
      Pepsi American Airlines