Post-Game Quotes - Charlotte 82, TCU 68

Nov. 14, 2012

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Whitney Williams, TCU Guard 
On Charlotte high power offense:
“They were hitting outside shots and we were letting them hit three's from all areas of the court. That’s just very hard to guard.”

On freshman stepping up: 
“Parts of the freshmen stepping up are encouraging. I’m encouraged because they are freshmen and its good to see them. On the other hand we are the returners and maybe some of us need to be stepping up. It was good to see them hitting some shots and being able to score like that.”

Head Coach Jeff Mittie
Opening Statement:
"I thought the obvious thing was Charlotte shot the ball well. They have a talented basketball team that gave us a lot of problems. Two things that gave us problems in the first half were that they were able to score off the bounce and able to clean it up on second chances. The first half we gave Sigmon too many looks. During the second half, she only got one look for a three. We gave their number one shooter five good looks in the first half.  We didn’t play well enough to have enough runs to where we may have turned the tide."

On the speed in the second half:
"They locked up on all of us and we tried to be a team that could beat them off the bounce, but many times we were driving right into their bigs. We had some success, but not enough. In the second half we shoot 30 percent, but in the first half we shot 48 percent. They won the battle in the second half by locking onto us. Our downfall in the second half was that as an overall unit we didn’t make the tough cut, offensively. When we did, it confused Charlotte and we were able to get shots."

On Kamy Cole's play:
"I thought Kamy did some really good things. I certainly like her look and like the fact that she isn’t afraid to take big shots."

On the post-play tonight:
"We need to get more production inside and we don’t have any easy answers. Tonight, we get five points out of our centers and we need more in there. We need to get more production. We have to get them the ball better and part of that was us. Ashley Colbert only got one chance, so our guards have to do a better job of getting them involved in the offense. We turned the ball over when we tried to drive it. Charlotte did a great job of rotating down. This is a game where I felt that Charlotte was ahead of us as far as their experience. We needed to figure out how to keep them from shooting the ball well. We did not stop them and they got the better of us."

On team's rebounding:
"We weren’t playing with enough energy and we are going to be outsized. We didn’t play with the big line-up early because of foul trouble. That took us out of our rotation. Rebounding is a concern and our front line has to do better. We will have to be a team where everyone rebounds better because we aren’t very big. Out-rebounded by ten is a losing formula almost every night."

On the freshmen's play tonight:
"Our veterans need to step up. Our freshman did what you expect and they will have highs and lows. Kamy (Cole) turned it over in the second half, but I still like her aggressiveness."

On Amanda Dowe for Charlotte:
"I thought she played outstanding, she played with a lot of passion."



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