Post-Game Quotes: TCU 63, Texas State 50

Nov. 16, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Jeff Mittie

Opening Statement:
“I thought it was a struggle most of the night. I thought we would have a better answer coming out of the game the other night. I felt like we had practiced well coming in, but the ball didn’t go in the basket and we probably weren’t as resilient as I wanted us to be in that stretch. This is a game we probably didn’t win by double digits last year because we don’t rebound the ball. I thought we rebounded well, [sophomore forward Caitlin Diaz] was fantastic on the glass. We got to the free throw line. We showed some maturity there when the ball wasn’t going in; we were really force-feeding and trying to get to the line. We were able to do that thirty times. All in all, I thought we just did enough to win and it was just one of those nights.”

On the beginning of the game and sophomore guard Zahna Medley:
“(Zahna Medley) sometimes isn’t as aggressive as we want her to be. She is such a good player that taking that next step of really shooting that basketball every time – we talk constantly about just making the right play. We feel like the right play for Z is when she is squared up and she’s got room, she needs to shoot the basketball. I didn’t feel like she was being aggressive enough. Z knows when I go with that, she’s one time from coming out of the game. If she doesn’t shoot it the next time, she’s coming out.”

On Zahna Medley:
“She missed a couple early. They went low on those screens and that should be automatic for her to shoot the basketball. After she hit the 3, then they started saying “go over, go over, go over”, and that’s when she started to get to the rim more. That’s just that she has to stay aggressive on that play. There’s a reason why we’re doing it and she’s one of the best shooters off the ball screen that I’ve had. She’s got a really good feel. Tonight, she had kind of a rough night. But she finds her way to 21 points and that’s why she’s a good player.”



On whether there is pressure on Zahna Medley:
“I don’t think so. I think she’s starting to get a feel and this is where all our guards are, particularly [sophomore guard/forward Veja Hamilton] and Z who are running the show. They’re really trying to get that feel for the leadership of doing that. They have a greater responsibility as point guards. I still think they’re feeling their way through their roles. [Sophomore forward Caitlin Diaz], on the other hand, you can tell. She’s very definitive, she knows exactly what her role is. We have to get our group synched in to doing their job and with the guards, we’re still trying to define those offensive roles.”

On getting to the free throw line:
“Well, we didn’t expect to shoot as poorly in the second half when we started the second half 1-of-7. It became ‘okay, let’s just get to the free throw line.’ With Veja, we said absolutely you have got to get to the rim more. So it was by design, certainly after our cold start in the second half. It kind of felt like it was one of those nights that we were going to have to do whatever we had to do to get some points. That’s where we felt the best.”

On junior guard Donielle Breaux:
“I like Breaux’s energy and I thought she deserved to get a start. More than just the points (at SMU), it’s just that she was giving us a spark and energy and I liked that. She didn’t play very well tonight, she struggled, but she’s not the only one.”

Sophomore forward Caitlin Diaz

On the difference in her sophomore season:
“My role has gotten a lot bigger this year. Coach has always told me that I need to rebound. My job is to get at least five defensive rebounds and three or four offensive rebounds a game. Just getting rebounds and playing hard every single day.”

On her mindset rebounding:
“I’ve always been kind of aggressive. My role has changed, that is the biggest thing. I know I need to be more aggressive and I know I need to get rebounds for the team. That is what I’m thinking about all the time, I need to get rebounds and I need to do my job. That is my role on the team and that is what I need to do.”

On her career night in rebounding:
“That is good, that is what I’m trying to do, get rebounds for the team.”

Sophomore guard Veja Hamilton

On the emphasis on getting to the rim:
“It definitely was. So far this season my shot hasn’t been falling. I’ve talked with my coaches and they said my main focus needs to be getting to the rim. That is what I focused on tonight and I think I did a pretty decent job of getting there. I knew if I could get there then I could make my free throws.”

On the other guards trying to get to the free throw line:
“Definitely. I think Zahna (Medley) is one of those people where if her shot isn’t falling then she looks for things to get herself going and get the team going. I think she did a great job of hitting her free throws as well.”

On the chemistry and dynamics in the guard rotation:
“Right now that is one thing we’re trying to get better at, having better team chemistry especially between the guards because we know we’re the main ones that have to get the team in rotation as far as feeding the ball to the post and getting shots for the three guard and the two guard. That is something we’re working on, so we’re trying to drive to the basket and kick out for three’s.”

On the defensive effort:
“Last year we knew that (Ashley) Ezeh was a big problem for us rebounding and scoring-wise, so we knew we needed to get the post out from under the basket as well as we could. We knew if we could outrebound them that it would help us in transition and get us into our game more, so that is what we focused on.”

On making free throws despite difficulty shooting from the field:
“The thing about free throws is that if you have a routine it should be easy to do. As a team we shoot a lot of free throws during practice so it is easy for us to just get to the line and focus on having our form and just knocking them in.”

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