Post-Game Quotes - TCU 73, UTSA 64

Dec. 5, 2012

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Post-Game Quotes
TCU 73, UTSA 64
Dec. 5, 2012
Attendance: 1,818

TCU Head Coach, Jeff Mittie

Opening Statement:
“We played pretty well for a while, we just lost focus. It’s a learning experience for this group everyday. We had some girls come in who didn’t play very well. I think at the end of the day we just lost focus. It can be a hard lesson to learn. We played pretty well for 25 minutes, I was pleased with that, but we have to learn to play for 40 minutes.” 

On team’s complacency:
“I think that we have to continue to push this group to make the right play. I think we got careless with the basketball. You can tell we didn’t have the energy when we came back into the game.” 

On bench play Wedneday:
“I thought our top eight or nine played pretty well. They were really sharing the basketball. I was pleased to see that UTSA played zone. We haven’t seen much of that and had to work our way through some things. I thought Veja Hamilton got into the middle of the zone and made some good plays.”

About the play of Ashley Colbert:
“Ashley has always been a very good player against the zone. She has good touch from about 10-to-12 feet out. I thought her and Veja played well together tonight.”

About the different scoring options tonight:
“I really liked it early in the game. I thought we were sharing the ball pretty well and efficient.” 

Closing Statement:
“When you are a three-point shooting team there are going to be flows in a game. Our turnovers were atrocious at times and defensively we have to learn to not have a fall off. I probably could have stopped the bleeding earlier with a time out, but I wanted them to figure it out on their own. They are going to have to learn these lessons.”



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