Niki Newton to be Featured at Houston Game Sunday

Niki Newton

Niki Newton

Jan. 15, 2004


Nicknames: "Nik" and "Hulk"

Why do you wear the No. 24? I've had it since I was eight years old.

Favorite song: "So Far Away" by Staind

Favorite TV shows: "Friends" and "Will & Grace"

Favorite class at TCU: Any class with crime, justice or law

Favorite junk foods: Pizza and any type of candy

Favorite Coach Mittie quote: "Potential is a dangerous word."

Most impressive person you know: My dad

Person in history you'd like to meet: Princess Diana

First thing you'd do if you were head coach for a day: Each player would get a two-hour full-body massage

Person you'd most like to trade places with for a day: Jennifer Aniston (because Brad Pitt would never give me up!)

Teammates who make you laugh the most: Sandora Irvin and Ebony Shaw
Person who has most influenced your career in athletics: My parents

Most memorable moments in sports: Playing UConn last season and winning the C-USA Tournament in 2003

Best players you've ever faced: Diana Taurasi (UConn) and Tameka Catchings (Tennessee)

Craziest ambition: Skydiving and riding on a dolphin

One thing you wish you were better at: Time management

Favorite sport besides basketball: Volleyball

One possession you'd keep if you lost all but one: The Bible

Team you'd most like to see added to the schedule: UConn or Texas

Favorite ESPN SportsCenter highlight: Any Michael Jordan highlight

The best advice you've ever been given: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Your best friends on other college teams: Ashley Browning of Texas Woman's University and Jordan Davis of Baylor

Places you've always wanted to visit but never had the chance: Italy and Paris

What motivates you? Knowing that I can do anything I put my mind on

Your dream job: A very successful defense attorney or playing in the WNBA

Why you chose to attend TCU: The great atmosphere, excellent education, and great coaches and teammates

What you've learned since coming to TCU: Growing up is tough

The best thing about playing basketball for the Lady Frogs: Knowing that we are all family and someone always has your back

Teammate who will be the biggest surprise in 2003-04: Adrianne Ross



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