Catching Up With TCU Equestrian Over The Holiday Season

Courtney Chown

Courtney Chown

Jan. 3, 2012

FORT WORTH, Texas - recently sat down with some upperclassmen on the TCU equestrian program to hear their thoughts on the holiday season. Courtney Chown, Victoria Lee and Chelsey Sample give their thoughts on some of their favorite holiday memories. 

What is your favorite holiday memory?

Chown: I have so many great holiday memories! I love the holidays and spending time with friends and family!

Lee: One of my favorite holiday memories is actually the day after Christmas. My whole family goes and spends the day together out shopping and exchanges things. It's weird, but it's actually one of the more fun, stress-free things we do as an immediate family.

Sample: Every year since I can remember I would fill my Christmas list with any type of animal I could think of (rabbit, hamster, cat, dog, horse), but I never got any of them. We had adopted two family cats, but I wanted one that was just mine. A couple months after my family moved from North Carolina to Ohio, one of our cats ran away. Finally that Christmas, I opened up a gift and it was a cat bed and I remember looking at my parents and thinking why did you get me a cat bed? I then proceeded to sit in the cat bed after which my parents told me that they were getting me a cat and I just had to go to the shelter and pick one out! I went to the shelter with my dad and sister and we picked out a little black kitten named James. This is one of my favorite memories/gifts!

What is your favorite Christmas movie or show?

Chown: I love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Lee: I love going to see the Nutcracker ballet. Ever since I was little, it has been one of my favorite things to do during Christmas.

Sample: Probably Elf

Do you have any family traditions?

Chown: No specific traditions, but we always have a great time together!

Lee: My family always makes sausage pinwheels, a family recipe for a variation on a sausage biscuit, and we eat those for breakfast on Christmas morning.  

Sample: Every year our family celebrates Christmas a few days early, this year we are did it on the 23rd. Then we drive to our grandparents houses and celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my mom's parents. We then drive to my dad's parents to do a Christmas lunch and spend the day after Christmas with them.

Has being a collegiate athlete affected what you do for Christmas? if yes, how so?

Chown: It hasn't affected Christmas for me. This year my family, friends and I served food at our church!

Lee: For the most part, it hasn't. When my family still lived in Tennessee, I went home right after finals and now that they are local, I get to see them more. The one thing that has changed is my birthday, which is Dec. 10th right before finals. When they were in Tennessee, I didn't get to see them for my birthday, which was weird because our family always has a huge birthday dinner for all 20 December birthdays we have. Now that they are local, our birthday dinner is smaller, but I am happy I get to participate. 

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

Chown: Um, well the first one that comes to mind is Rudolph. It always gets stuck in my head and I sing it over and over again.

Lee: I mostly just listen to whatever is on the radio!

What's the best Christmas gift you ever got and why?

Chown: My horse Bam was by far the best Christmas gift I have ever received!

Lee: Last year was the best Christmas because my family was all together after the fire at our house and that was a true blessing because my whole family was in the house at the time of the fire. It was a really eye-opening experience and it was our best Christmas in my mind because we were really focused on what is important. We still didn't have our things back from the refinisher, so we ate on the couch, but I was just glad we were all together and safe.

The Equestrian team sent gifts to troops overseas. Talk about the process of gathering goods and how you guys came up with the idea?

Lee: I really have to give credit to Victoria Giachino. She is the one who originally proposed the idea and she was the one who organized most of it. Nocona Boot Company donated two pairs of boots to the team and we were able to raise money for the boxes by auctioning them off. After we had the final total, we organized a trip to buy supplies, then we had a packing party to put the boxes together.

What was the best part of doing the project for troops?

Lee: My favorite part was writing them our personalized notes to include in the boxes. Also, the fact that these were TCU-related troops made it all that much personal.

SampleThe best part was hearing back from all of the people who had received their packages. Victoria's main goal for the project was to keep the care packages in the TCU community, so pretty much all of the packages went to TCU Alumni who are now overseas.  



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