A Look Back with Coach Huffman

Kindel Huffman

Kindel Huffman

Aug. 16, 2012

Story by Courtney Motz, TCU Media Relations Intern

FORT WORTH, Texas- GoFrogs.com recently sat down with interim Western head coach Kindel Huffman, to recap last season and look forward to the upcoming year.  Huffman will be going into her fourth year of coaching.

How do you think this past season went for the Western team?
The Western team had a fantastic year. I am very happy with the growth and accomplishments we concluded with. We traveled a great amount, against tops schools and finished the year well. During the National Championships, we beat Baylor and K-State to finish in sixth-place.

What are you looking forward to for the 2012-2013 season?
Next season, I am most looking towards building off of our success from this past year. My team will be more mature and ready for any challenge.

How was it to have a majority of the roster freshman?
Even though half my roster was freshman, they are great riders with a lot of talent. I believe in every single one of them and it really helps this season with them having that much more experience. It will definitely benefit us quite a bit.

What are the Western team's strongest attributes?
The Western team's strongest attribute is unity and team work. The girls work together very well, helping one another along the way. Once they saddle up to ride, they know their team is depending on them to succeed.

Is there anything you will do different or the same for next year?
I plan to keep things similar to the way it was last season. We were successful and I think we will build on that and continue to get better.

How was it to switch from coaching Hunt Seat to coaching Western?
Switching from Hunt Seat to Western was a challenging, but exciting time for me. Fortunately, I have a background in both events, so I am able to adapt easily. I enjoyed coaching the Hunt Seat girls and was very successful, but have a long history with the Western team. I loved being back on the Western side and I look forward to many years down the road.

How will moving into the Big 12 Conference affect TCU Equestrian?
Moving to the Big 12 Conference will be a great change for us. We will have a championship to compete for and it will be a great preparation for the National Championships.

Is there a particular school you look forward to competing against this upcoming year? Why?
I look forward to competing against Oklahoma State because I believe they are one of the strongest teams in our sport. Competing against them will challenge us and bring us to new heights.



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