Don't forget the sunscreen

Elisa Gomez

Elisa Gomez

Feb. 25, 2008

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Included below is the latest installment of "The Gallery Wants to Know" by TCU senior women's golfer Elisa Gomez.

Hello, hello, hello Frog fans! Welcome to another edition of "The Gallery Wants to Know." Sorry I took a break last week, but I had a bout of tonsilitis that was just miserable. Remember to use your Lysol and Kleenex. Whatever is going around is horrible. But moving on ...

This week, TCU women's golf has traveled to fabulous Puerto Rico. You may have seen we were in first place after Sunday's first round. Way to play and keep it up ladies!

As they are in Puerto Rico, I am reminded of our trip down there my sophomore year. It was sunny, slightly windy and beautiful. So I started this new thing of not wearing a hat. Of course I wore sunscreen, BUT my forehead did not get all of it. I got burned, and it wasn't a little burn. It was a big burn. So as soon as we got back to the hotel, I rushed to the gift store downstairs. They had that green aloe gel that looks like jello and the lotion that smells like coconuts. I bought both because honestly I didn't know what to do! I also bought some SPF 50 sunblock. Thinking things would be fine and it would just go away was the wrong thing to do. We finished the tournament (I started using an umbrella, as opposed to a hat) and flew home. I got back to my dorm and headed straight to bed. When I woke up the next morning, it was scary. My burn had turned into an awful peel. Moral of the story: Wear your sunscreen and apply it liberally. They aren't kidding when they put that on the bottle (so girls if you see this in time, I sure hope you follow the instructions).

I love this time of year around TCU because basketball is still in season, tennis is just heating up, and baseball is starting. There is just so much to do and it's such a great way to show some school spirit. So pay attention to that little Calendar of Events on the side of the front page of

Popcorn's Kernels:
Golf: To work on long putting pace, try this drill (you'll need a larger green): Get 2 or 3 balls and two tees. Place one tee 2 feet behind the hole then step off 20 paces (3 feet = 1 pace). Place the other tee after the 20 paces. Go through your routine and putt the ball. The object is to get 5 in a row (you can increase to 10 and 20 in a row as you get better). Either a.) even with the hole or b.) within the two feet that you placed the first tee. If you leave the putt short or go by the tee, you must start over.
TCU: The baseball, basketball (men's and women's), and women's tennis teams are all at home this week so go check out one, two or all of the games! Best wishes to the swimming and diving teams as they travel to Oklahoma City for the MWC Championships. Also to the track and field teams as they travel to Colorado for the Mountain West Indoor Championships.
Life: Don't forget your sunscreen.

Have a fantastic week Frog Fans!
Hasta Manana,



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