TCU Horned Frogs

2013  Stadium/Coliseum Prohibited Actions & Items

TCU reserves the right to remove any object from spectators if deemed inappropriate or unsafe.
The following actions and items are prohibited inside any TCU Athletic Stadium/Coliseum and are causes for removal and no refunds:

• - Smoking in seating areas 
• - Throwing or kicking objects 
• - Disorderly conduct: 
• - (abusive language toward coaches, student-athletes, officials or spectators; fighting; public intoxication; standing or sitting in aisles, ramps or walkways) 
• - Outside food or drinks 
• - Glass bottles or containers 
• - Umbrellas 
• - Outside Stadium Seat Cushions 
• - Pets & Strollers 
• - Video cameras 
• - Bicycles 
• - Laser pointers 
• - Sticks, poles or similar objects that can be used as a weapon 
• - Weapons of any kind including those carried with permit 
• - Fireworks 
• - Artificial noisemakers (i.e. air horns, thunderstix, musical instruments, cans filled with contents, or any other item used to make artificial noise) 
• - No kegs will be allowed in parking lots. Personal containers only, no glass please. 
• - The drinking age in Texas is 21. Please observe all local and state laws. 
• - Fire extinguishers (ABC) or a bucket of water MUST accompany any BBQ or pit. Dump stations are available in Lots 1 and 3 for coals and/or ashes. 
• - Please place all trash into trash receptacles and help keep our stadium clean. 
• - One parking pass, one parking spot. Please tailgate behind your vehicle and keep tailgating items adjacent to front or rear of your vehicle.
• - Tailgating or gathering is not permitted in fire lanes or in the road way. 
• - Violations will be sited by FWPD or TCUPD. TABC rules govern all alcohol usage.